sábado, 15 de novembro de 2008

enlightened memories

Karina (El Beso, address below), un beso, thanks a lot for having introduced me to a so beautiful artist - Diane Bronstein. I took a quick photo with my cel (my camera is broken) 0f my favourite dress which I consider as an enlightened ghost of my forever present memories.I bought this dress some years ago from a group of women who lives in an enormous favela here in Rio de Janeiro .they create more than dresses, they create real treasures, they create life.This one of mine is a velvet patchwork (pieces of velvet came from German, France, India,etc). Its shape is so forever vintage.vhenever I use this dress, good and unexpected things happen, like meeting people I thought were far and I discover how near we always will be. I think this dress is a symbol for our human diversity in harmony.

geeeente, entra nesse site: http://www.weallneedalittleinspiration.com/

é maravilhoso, a pintura de Diane Bronstein é demais! e ainda dá tempo de participar de uma linda brincadeira artística que ela está propondo.

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Diane disse...

thank you so much for posting your lovely dress and stopping by my blog... I love the story behind your dress.. it is lovely... I would like to see more of their work .... Diane

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